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Until last fall, Frankfort Avenue had no record stores.

Soon, it’ll have three.

Matt Anthony’s Record Shop is moving to the Crescent Hill neighborhood. It’ll be joined in the same storefront by Paul Wheeldon’s Second Hand Books. Both small shops are currently in the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Butchertown.

The shop(s) will be at 2354 Frankfort Ave., which is near the restaurants El Mundo and Sari Sari. 

In October, on the same day, Guestroom Records and Modern Cult Records opened on Frankfort Avenue. Here’s a longer story I did about them then. It’s about an 11 minute walk between the new Matt Anthony’s to Modern Cult, which is even closer to Guestroom.

Matt Anthony’s/Paul Wheeldon opens in the new location on Jan. 17.

Matt Anthony’s Record Shop opened in 2012. Anthony is a host for one of WFPL’s sister stations, WFPK, a DJ and a former longtime Ear X-tacy clerk.

Wheeldon is a book dealer. Here’s a little from a news release announcing the move:

London Book Dealer Paul Wheeldon creates the feel of a British Book Shop in the heart of Louisville. With his country’s style and love for the written word Mr. Wheeldon fills his shop with Classic Literature, Art, History, Biography, Travel Logs, Esoterica and Rare hard to find books. It’s usually tea time at the shop and sipping tea and talking books with the whip smart Brit is part of the experience.