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A resolution opposing tolls on existing bridges has garnered the support of more than half of the Louisville Metro Council.

The legislation asserts the council’s position in the Ohio River Bridges Project. It asks that the bi-state bridges authority not toll existing infrastructure to finance two new bridges over the Ohio River and a reworked Spaghetti Junction.

Sponsor Tina Ward-Pugh says the fact that existing bridges may be tolled is the consequence of the bridges authority being formed. Ward-Pugh opposed creating the panel, then unsuccessfully tried to have a council member appointed to it.

“We really have no authority now to do anything about it other than to say, ‘We represent the people. We were elected by those people. The people have concerns about the options you’re throwing out there and if we have the opportunity, we’re going to direct you in a way that’s going to be more productive,” she says.

The resolution also asks the authority to build the project in phases. The authority recently said it cannot and will not do that. A financing plan for the bridges project is due by the end of the year.

The resolution will be given first reading in the council next week, and could be passed two weeks after that. The New Albany city council passed a similar resolution last month.

For text of the resolution and the mayoral candidates’ positions on the legislation, visit The Edit.