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Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The Kentucky Court of Appeals will hear arguments in the state’s lawsuit aimed at forcing forfeiture of the domain names of some Internet gambling sites.

Governor Steve Beshear says Internet gambling sites are illegally siphoning hundreds of millions of badly needed dollars from Kentucky residents. He says the sites are not regulated by the state, pay no taxes in Kentucky and provide no jobs.

So, the state sued 141 of the gambling sites, seeking forfeiture of their domain names. Lawyers for the gambling sites immediately sought dismissal of the lawsuit, saying the state has no jurisdiction over their sites.

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate disagreed and prepared to move forward with a forfeiture hearing. The gambling sites appealed and have now notched a procedural victory.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals is putting the lawsuit on hold until it can hear arguments in the case. That will occur on December 12th in Louisville.