Local News

Louisville Metro Government has released a traffic plan for this weekend’s Eagles concert.

The concert is the first event at the new KFC Yum! Center. The traffic plan is designed to get arena visitors from parking garages to the interstates or out of downtown on surface streets as quickly as possible. Mayor Jerry Abramson says, like the first Thunder Over Louisville, Saturday’s event will be a learning experience for the city and citizens.

“We’re going to try the plan as best we can right out of the box. We’ll learn, we’ll watch, we’ll listen, we’ll learn, we’ll tweak. And the next one will be a little better, and the next one will be a little better, and then, ultimately, people—as they have with Thunder—will figure out how they like to handle it, how early to come down, how to have dinner before the event,” he says.

About 75 police officers will work overtime to direct traffic. The Kentucky Fair Board will help pay for some of the costs. To see a map of the street plan for Saturday, visit the arena homepage. The TARC homepage has more information  on how to ride public transit to the arena.