Allegations of wrongdoing against Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green have raised a number of ethical and procedural questions.

Green is the subject of an ethics complaint for allegedly using a city-funded summer jobs program to benefit members of her family. She’s also been accused of steering part of a city allocation meant for one nonprofit group to other groups or causes.

The council hasn’t encountered a situation like this before. If the Ethics Commission finds evidence of wrongdoing, then the council could act to remove Green. But Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh says it’s important to make sure no one rushes to judgment and that every process of the law is conducted unencumbered. That’s both to give Green a fair chance and to avoid setting unwelcome precedents.

“We should be guarded and we should move cautiously in determining that because it will have an impact on the future.”

Ward-Pugh points out that the situation is new to the council, but not to other agencies.

Green has denied any wrongdoing.

The Ethics Commission will meet next Thursday.