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The 137th Kentucky Derby comes on the heels of the wettest April on record for Jefferson County, but Churchill Downs spokesperson John Asher says it feels like Louisville is buzzing a little more than usual over this year’s Derby.

“We’ve got no seating left, and the hotels–many of them–have been sold out for weeks,” says Asher. “Indications are, if it’s a good weather day we’ll have a pretty good day so what that’ll be I don’t know.”

Asher says with the emergence of good weather, the enthusiasm in the community is palpable.

“The enthusiasm really feels like it’s out there, there’s a great buzz in the community, there is always, but this year seems a little more so,” he says “and I think a sunny day after a wet spring might send a few more people out that might not have been planning to go up to that point.”

Last year, a crowd of over 155,000 endured torrential rains and severe weather to see Super Saver win the Derby on a sopping track.  With any luck, says Asher the weather will bring out people who might not have been planning on attending.