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A year-long asthma research program in the Louisville area is now accepting applications.

It’s called Asthmapolis. The Wisconsin-based project gives asthma patients the technology to transmit data whenever they use their inhalers. The data will be collected for a year and patients will have a chance to monitor their information, which helps them manage their illness.


“Once they enroll in the study they’ll be able to see it whenever they like. We send out [data] both on their mobile phone and on our website and then we’ll also send out a weekly email that gives them feedback as well,” says Asthmapolis spokesman Tyler Heslinga.

The Asthmapolis program was introduced in both the Sacramento, California area and the Puget Sound region in Washington; both areas saw success among those volunteers who participated, said Heslinga.

“What we found was that uncontrolled asthma declined 50 percent in the patients that were involved in the study, and then more than 70 percent of the patients improved their overall level of asthma control,” he said.

At 15 percent, Louisville has a slightly higher asthma rate than the national average of 13.5 percent and the state rate of 14.9 percent.

Eligible volunteers should:

  • Have a medical diagnosis of asthma and do not have an accompanying diagnosis of COPD or lung cancer
  • Have a current prescription for an emergency inhaler (e.g., albuterol)
  • Speak English and are age 5 or older
  • Have Internet and/or email access to receive reports, including a compatible communication device (“smart phone”) such as an Android or iPhone

Up to 500 eligible asthma volunteers now have the chance to sign up at one of the following Walgreens to participate. 

  • 3421 W. Broadway  
  • 2368 Frankfort Ave.
  • 2420 Lime Kiln Lane
  • 7338 Dixie Highway
  • 2021 Hikes Lane
  • 5201 S. Third St.
  • 4025 Taylorsville Road
  • 9409 Shelbyville Road
  • 13807 English Villa Drive
  • 200 E. Broadway
  • 808 Eastern Parkway