On Thursday, the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission heard testimony in the case involving Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, in a day-long proceeding. The case alleges she used a city-funded summer jobs program—dubbed the ‘Green Clean Team’—to benefit members of her family.

Green was the first witness called and testified for over two hours, answering several questions from investigative officer James Earhart and her attorney, Steven S. Reed, about the clean team.

Excerpts from her testimony are below.

One exchange that raised eyebrows during the proceedings was that Green was reimbursed with $4,000 in cash by the LIFE Institute for lending the non-profit money to cover the program’s second payroll when the grant check was delayed.

However, Green testified she could not provide any documentation to support she had made that loan though she and her staff had been in charge of writing payment receipts for youth participants.

Green told the ethics panel she withdrew the $4,000 from her bank account in cash and was reimbursed by LIFE in cash. Green told Earhart she lost the receipt showing LIFE paid her back.

Here’s that exchange:

Later, Earhart returned to this line of questioning and pointed out LIFE Institute founder Eddie Woods had submitted all receipts to the city auditor, but that the bundle of receipts did not include a carbon copy of the receipt Green said she signed as evidence she was reimbursed:

The following clip is the full interview of Earhart quizzing Green about her role with the program, its funding and how participants were paid:

In response, Green’s defense team began by pointing out Green and her husband have adopted and fostered several children. Her attorney’s highlight the case was filed by a political rival—Ray Barker Sr.—who is seeking to unseat Green in a future campaign.

The lengthy testimony centered on her youth advocacy in the community, her role in the program and the success of the clean team in teaching young people job skills:

Afterwards, Earhart asks Green several follow-up questions, grilling her about making direct decisions over the program and unaccounted funds:

Check back with wfpl.org for more excerpts, including testimony from Dr. Eddie Woods, a clean team participant and attorney’s closing arguments.