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A man suspected of a bombing hoax in Australia was arrested Monday outside of Louisville.

Sydney police allege that Paul “Doug” Peters broke into a teenage girl’s home on August 3rd and strapped what ended up being a fake bomb around her neck along with what may have been a ransom note. He left Australia five days later and ended up at the home of his ex-wife in La Grange, where an FBI SWAT team arrested Peters Monday evening.

“We will be alleging kidnapping, breaking and entering and committing a serious and durable offense, demanding property with menaces,” says New South Wales Superintendent Commander Luke Moore.

Peters is a 50-year-old native Australian who traveled to America frequently and, according to FBI, lived in Kentucky and elsewhere in the country for part of his life.

“He does have some family connections here. He has previously lived in the United States for some period of time. He is an Australian citizen, though.”

Moore doesn’t suspect Peters’s ex wife was part of the alleged plot.

Peters will appear in court Tuesday. An extradition hearing is in 60 days.