Kentucky Sixth District Congressman-elect Andy Barr announced his committee assignments Thursday.

Barr will be a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, which is led by fellow Republican Spencer Baucus. The financial services panel is considered a “top-tier,” committee that dealt directly with the bank bailouts and crafted the controversial Dodd-Frank Act.

In a news release, Barr says he is honored to receive the appointment, and wants to work on solving  helping the state’s community banks.

“Over-regulation continues to impair the ability of Kentucky’s community banks to provide desperately needed loans to individuals and small businesses,” he says. “Instead of addressing the systemic risk posed by ‘too big to fail’ institutions, the federal government has unfairly targeted community banks as part of the problem, when they are instead part of the solution. We must return to the day when a local banker and a small businessperson could meet face-to-face and arrange a loan based on trust and accountability.”

Barr will also serve on the Committee on Ways and Means, the Committee on Appropriations, and the Energy & Commerce Committee.