The countdown to election day is in the single digits, which means the spotlight is even stronger on the big U.S. Senate matchup between Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

And that means even more national media focus. The BBC’s James Coomarasamy has been in Louisville talking to Kentuckians about the state and the election. Today during BBC Newshour, you may have heard Coomarasamy’s interview with former Courier-Journal editor David Hawpe about the state. If you miss it, you can hear the chat here:

They talk tobacco, coal, fried chicken and other cultural matters.

Hawpe gives a rundown of what’s at stake in the Senate race and adds ”So we’re getting a lot attention from the outside, which is better than getting the attention that we’ve gotten down through history as the home of hillbillies, poor disheveled, incestuous, retrograde people who live in the mountains. Well, that’s not us.”

Coomarasamy said on Twitter that he’ll have another big Kentucky-centric interview tomorrow: