With the Trump administration pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal, the European Union finds itself in a difficult position. The EU needs to find a way to salvage the deal while keeping positive relations with the U.S.

The Ambassador of Belgium to the U.S. is in Louisville to speak to the Louisville Committee on Foreign Relations on Wednesday about EU-U.S. relations. Dirk Wouters sat down with me to talk about those issues, as well as Tuesday’s terror attack in Belgium. You can listen to our conversation in the player above.

Wouters on Belgium’s response to terror attacks:

“We have to deal with the speed with which people radicalize in their heads. I remember the first time I was dealing with terrorism. It took maybe two years for young people to radicalize in their heads. Today it can be two weeks, or even faster. And so you have to set up a system of detection also at the local community level.”

On salvaging the Iran nuclear deal:

“For a while I certainly think that they will try to do that because they also know that it is important for Iran not to get into a position that it can get blamed for violating a deal. Even if it’s a deal without one important partner, the United States. And by the way, I still remember when I was working in Europe on these issues that it took a lot of effort to bring the United States in the deal but it was an essential part of the whole diplomatic process.”

Bill Burton is the Morning Edition host for WFPL News.