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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The prospects for construction of an electric car plant in Kentucky have risen, following action by Governor Steve Beshear.

The governor issued an executive order allowing, under specific conditions, low-speed, electric vehicles to operate on some Kentucky roadways.

That’s good news says Randy Waldman, of Integrity Manufacturing in Shepherdsville, who wants to build an electric car plant in Kentucky.

“We are working diligently with the governor’s staff and the economic development department to try to determine exactly where we’re going to end up, as far as incentives and stuff. We hope to make the announcement of the location of the plant around the 15th or 21st of this month,” Waldman said.

Low-speed electric vehicles won’t be allowed to operate on Kentucky roadways until the Transportation Cabinet has drafted regulations governing their usage. That could take a couple of months. Governor Beshear says the vehicles will have to meet federal safety standards and be licensed, titled and insured.

They will be restricted to roadways with speed limits of 45 miles per hour or less.


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