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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The current legislative session was the topic as Kentucky House and Senate leaders met privately with Governor Steve Beshear in Frankfort Thursday.

Beshear says the talks centered mostly on process, or how the session should proceed now that both chambers have elected new leaders.

The governor still wants lawmakers to act quickly to address the state’s $456 million budget deficit.

“Every week that goes by just means that much less time that the agencies, school districts, cities and counties, everybody who depends upon money from the state to deliver services, the less time they have to make whatever adjustments they’re going to have to make,” Beshear said.

It now looks like lawmakers will try to handle the budget situation within the confines of the 26 days remaining in the session, without moving days around or calling a special session.

During the three-week recess before the session resumes February 3rd, House and Senate budget committees will meet.

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