Local News

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear talked about the power of teamwork during an address to the annual Local Issues Conference in Louisville Tuesday.

In his keynote speech, Beshear said every local government in Kentucky is facing a tough economy. The best way to cope with limited funds, he said, is through teamwork.

Earlier this week Beshear announced plans to scale back road construction projects. In his local issues speech, he called upon city and county governments to advise him on which projects to change, and in what ways.

Scott County Magistrate Tom Prather attended the conference. He says that while it makes short term financial sense to build narrower and less advanced roads in some areas, governments should plan ahead before making any decisions.

“Clearly we have to scale those projects to anticipate the future,” he says. “Either by right of way acquisition that’s done now or we anticipate those future needs given our understanding of how our communities will grow.”

The Local Issues Conference began on Monday and ends Wednesday.