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It’ll be Democratic Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear against Republican Senate President David Williams in the fall.

Beshear had no primary opposition, but he roused a crowd of several hundred at a rally in Frankfort with a litany of his accomplishments in his first three and a half years in office.

Beshear told the crowd he avoided mass layoffs, took mandated furlough days himself, sold surplus assets, like airplanes, to raise revenue and created jobs.

“We balanced this budget nine times in three and a half years, while cutting $1.3 billion out of that budget.  That requires tough decisions and I have made them,” he said. “Economic experts around the country have come to the same conclusion,” he said. “Kentucky has weathered this recession better than most and is positioned to recover quicker the most. And we’ve done it the right way.”

Beshear also appeared to be trying out a new campaign slogan last night. He said he’s “Tested. Trusted. Tough.”