A week after the Kentucky Democratic Party called on two Republican gubernatorial candidates to release their income tax records, Democratic Governor Steve Beshear released his 2010 state and federal returns to the public.

Beshear and his wife show a total gross income of $166,224 and a total taxable income of $107,259. The couple reported $19,000 in charitable contributions.

“At a time when the public’s distrust of public officials is high, it is imperative that those who seek this state’s highest office be completely open and transparent about their income, expenses and financial dealings,” Beshear said in a news release.  “Only by releasing our tax returns can the public be reassured that we have nothing to hide and will put the taxpayers’ interest before our own.”

Last week, Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon challenged state Senate President David Williams and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett to release their records, but the two have refused.

Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw, who is also running as a Republican, released her tax records last Friday and urged her two opponents to do so as well.