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By Sheila Ash

The 36th Annual Kentucky Association of Counties Conference got underway in Louisville Wednesday.

Governor Steve Beshear spoke to the group about several issues including the costs of operating county jails.

Beshear says he’s been working to get a bill passed that would set health care rates for indigent inmates at or below the Medicaid rate.

“That bill has passed the House and that bill has passed the Senate just not in the same session. But I’m going to make a commitment to you here today and I want you to make a commitment to me that we’re going to call on the leaders of the House and the Senate this upcoming session to make sure we pass that bill in both houses and I’ll sign it into law,” he said.

Beshear says the money saved by passing the bill would go to fund other projects and services in the state.

The conference, which is at the Galt House, runs through Friday.

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