This year, WFPL economy reporter Roxanne Scott covered everything from downtown development to issues surrounding immigrant deportation and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Here are some of her favorite stories of 2017:

At Louisville’s Liberty Field, Cultures Connect Over Soccer

A short profile on Louisville’s soccer fans — and the surprising pop-up soccer field downtown where they’re meeting to play the sport.

Burundi Growers Find Roots In Louisville 

This piece follows some Louisvillians who are taking a skill from their home country — in this case, Burundi — to create success in a new one.

In A Time Of Activism, Some Blacks In Louisville Seek Alternative Religions 

In the words of my awesome co-worker, Amina Elahi, “Come for the Santeria, stay for the Satanism.”

#Blessed: How Louisville Developers Are Resurrecting Old Churches

This story looked at Louisville church structures, and their rebirths after congregations move out. It’s a nice mix of neighborhood development, religion and beer.

In Old Louisville, Loss of Kroger Could Bring Isolation 

This piece is about the closing of the Old Louisville Kroger and a look at food deserts shows why a grocery store is more than a place to buy your food.

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