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A Biblical scholar at Emory University is the recipient of the 2011 Grawemeyer Award in Religion, presented by the University of Louisville and the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.

Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson is being honored for ideas set forth in his 2009 book, Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity.

“On the surface, it is a study of the relations between ancient Greek and Roman religions and the birth of development of Christianity. It’s a longstanding question, how do we put these together; how was Christianity influenced by what we call paganism, and so forth and so on?” he said.

Johnson says he found that the Christians, Jews and pagans of ancient Greece and Rome shared certain ways of being religious, regardless of their differences in doctrine.

The Grawemeyer Award includes a $100,000 cash prize. U of L also announced Grawemeyers this week for music composition, psychology and ideas improving world order.

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