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Wendell Ford

Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton will attend the funeral of former Sen. Wendell Ford in Owensboro on Tuesday, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

Ford, 90, died Thursday morning in his Owensboro home. He had been suffering from lung cancer.

The funeral will be at First Baptist Church in Owensboro. First Baptist would not confirm if Clinton and Biden would be in attendance.

Clinton and Biden, as president and a senator, respectively, worked with Ford in the during his tenure in the Senate.

“He was one of the most effective legislative leaders I’ve ever worked with throughout my entire career,” Biden said in a released statement. “His philosophy was summed up when he said, ‘why make a speech when you can sit down with your colleagues and work something out?'”

Ford served four terms in the U.S. Senate. Before that, he was a governor of Kentucky, lieutenant governor and a state senator.

Ryland Barton is the Capitol bureau chief for Kentucky Public Radio.