Louisville’s fourth annual Bluegrass Bioneers conference begins today.

Bioneers is a conference held annually in California, then streamed to groups around the country. It’s meant to present innovative, pioneering solutions to some of the world’s most serious environmental issues.

Louisville organizer Ben Evans says the event’s format is unique. Bluegrass Bioneers attendees can tune into national plenaries—like those by climate activist Bill McKibben and author Paul Hawken…

“But then also these local breakouts and workshops that tap into the Kentuckiana area’s incredible wealth of knowledge actually from around the entire state,” Evans said.

Locally, participants can hear from Llewellyn Wells of Living City Block and Guy McPherson of the blog “Nature Bats Last.” There are also discussions planned about renewable energy, local food and brownfields revitalization. (I’m actually also on a panel with the Courier-Journal’s Jim Bruggers on Saturday at 9 a.m. to discuss environmental journalism.)

Bluegrass Bioneers is free and open to the public. Lectures and workshops continue through Sunday. For more information, visit the event’s website.