Local News

The Jefferson County Board of Education will adopt a new student assignment plan this evening.

The board has been considering two plans put together by school administrators and has asked Superintendent Sheldon Berman to recommend one of them tonight.

Berman says he’s prepared to endorse a plan that would reconfigure the so-called cluster system for the district’s elementary schools;  it would generally allow parents to enroll their children in one of a dozen or so schools within a certain region of the county.

The board may call a special meeting in June to fine-tune the plan, but Berman said recently he doesn’t think it will need much additional work.

“We’ve been looking at it over the last week and actually we see very little that we will modify,” he says.

The plan will replace the district’s 30 year old desegregation policy that was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.