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The seventh and final play of this year’s Humana Festival of New American Plays is set to debut this weekend.

The play is a comedy called Bob. The playwright is Peter Sinn Nachtreib. He’s based in San Francisco, but the inspiration for the play came on a previous visit Nachtreib paid to Louisville. While walking down Market Street, he got the idea for a character named Bob who’s life journey begins when he’s born and left behind in the bathroom of a Louisville White Castle.

“He is fortunately saved and raised by a White Castle employee who takes him on a roadtrip across the country” says Nachtrieb, “to all the historical sites where he becomes sort of obsessed with monuments and plaques and makes it his lifelong dream to be on a plaque himself.”

Bob has a preview performance Friday at 8:00. It opens Saturday afternoon at 4:00 at Actors Theatre.