The star of the Donald Trump rally in Indianapolis Wednesday might not have been Trump. Rather, it was the rally’s special guest, former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who stole the show.

Knight calls Trump “the most prepared man in history to step in as president.”

“They talk in a negative way when they want to about Donald and they talk about … he isn’t presidential. And I don’t know what the hell that means,” Knight says.

Trump barely mentioned Ted Cruz’s pick of Carly Fiorina as running mate. It was the candidate’s second campaign visit to the Hoosier State, one day after sweeping five presidential primaries in the northeast.

Trump’s speech at the State Fairgrounds lasted nearly an hour, and he spoke about Ted Cruz choosing a running mate for barely a minute. Trump mostly dismissed Cruz’s move.

“He is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who’s mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. It’s a record,” Trump says.

Trump will campaign in Southern Indiana Thursday, while Ted Cruz sweeps across the northern part of the state.

Watch video from the rally in the player above.