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We’ve all been there, you’ve just finished a great book, it’s still fresh in your mind, what the main characters look like, the setting for the plot, how the romantic restaurant isBooks into Movies decorated when the lovers first kiss, and then the movie is released. The process of adapting a book (or short story) for the big screen is a tricky one. Decisions have to be made as to what to keep, what to leave out and what to change. In the end, it seems impossible to please everyone. But some adaptations do work, some are disastrous and some stand on their own separate from the books. Join us on Tuesday as we talk about turning books into movies, what works and what doesn’t, and call us with the ones you’ve loved, or hated.

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Kevin Sullivan, book seller, film buff
John Risner, screenwriter, continuing education teacher
Tom Byers, English Professor, UofL

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.