No one is ever really prepared to start all over after a tornado shreds your home to rubble.

First, you have to find a place for your family to sleep when hundreds of homes are destroyed. Then there’s the annoying and time-consuming paperwork for home and car insurance, when your important papers are under piles of debris, maybe never to be found.

Jasmin Grahovic lost his Warren County home of 21 years to the devastating tornado that ripped through Kentucky on Dec. 11.

WKU Public Radio reporter Rhonda Miller talked with Jasmin Grahovic, a Bosnian native living in Bowling Green, as he was digging through the rubble of the home he’s owned for 21 years.


Grahovic said he’s going get it all done so he can go back to work as a truck driver because he has to support his family.

He said he’s experienced with disaster. He lived through the war in Bosnia and was in a refugee camp.

Grahovic said this will be the third time in his life that’s starting over.