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Transportation officials in Kentucky and Indiana are working together on a project to either rehabilitate the current bridge or build a new span between Milton, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana. The current bridge was built in 1929 and rehabbed in 1997. It has been deemed ‘structurally deficient’ and ‘functionally obsolete’ in recent inspections.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Andrea Clifford says because of that, the project is eligible for Federal Bridge Replacement Funds, but the two states will share the cost of the improvements.

“This is going to be a shared project with Indiana, we’re going to be working on this 50-50,” says Clifford. “Initially, they have 10-million dollars of their Major Moves funding designated towards this project, and they will be reevaluating their highway plan and letting us know what further amounts they are going to be committing in the future.”

Kentucky has allocated five-million dollars toward an engineering study for the project. A Lexington firm will determine if the best course of action is to repair the existing bridge or build a new one.