After decades of debate, years of construction and enough traffic delays and rerouting to make your head spin, tolling on bridges connecting Louisville to Southern Indiana is set to begin on Friday.

Starting at 4 a.m. Friday, you’ll be charged to cross the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the newly renovated Kennedy Bridge, and the Lewis and Clark Bridge in the East End. The tolls will go toward the $2.4 billion-dollar cost of the two bridges and redesigned Spaghetti Junction.

Tolls range from $2 to $12 depending on the size of your vehicle and whether you have a RiverLink transponder. Drivers in passenger vehicles with transponders will pay $2, while those without the transponders will pay $4.

Bridges project officials said Thursday that more than 150,000 RiverLink transponders have been requested, and some drivers are still waiting for the equipment. Those drivers who haven’t received the transponders but have set up accounts linked to their license plates will still pay the discounted rate.

Officials expect more than 110,000 drivers to cross the tolled bridges each day. The Sherman Minton and Clark Memorial bridges will not be tolled.

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