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Branden Klayko boils down the entire scope of city life in one word—urbanism.

“Urbansim affects every different part of city life,” Klayko said on Monday.  “Whether it’s how you get around the city, whether it’s health, sustainability, the environment.”

And it was Klayko’s observations of urbanism in Louisville that inspired him in 2008 to create BrokenSidewalk.com.  The site focused heavily on Louisville’s neighborhoods, transportation and architecture.

“Louisvillians are really interested in these topics and how their city is growing and changing,” he said.

Just as the site was beginning to collect a solid following, Klayko said, he had to step back after his architecture career took him to New York City in 2012.  The posts to Broken Sidewalk ended in the fall 2012.

But, last week, he started posting again.

“It’s that sense of self that the community have that gives it the character that makes it worth coming back to,” he said.

He still lives in New York City. He said he has a plenty of resources around the Louisville area that will allow him stay connected and provide readers with up to date, informative content.

“I also look for stories that are important but aren’t really making the news,” he said.

So far, Broken Sidewalk has considered sidewalks, Schnitzelburg and streetcars on Fourth Street.

I spoke with Klayko on Monday.  Here is what he had to say.

Interview with Branden Klayko of BrokenSidewalk.com.

Klayko will visit Louisville on Oct. 17 at a community networking event at the newly opened ReSurfaced pop-up plaza.  For more information on that, go here.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.