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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh 

Kentucky House and Senate negotiators worked late Wednesday night trying to reach a compromise on a new state spending plan.

After more than nine hours of negotiations, the budget conferees packed it in around 11:30pm. House Speaker Jody Richards says they’re making some progress, but haven’t agreed on much.

“It just takes a while to go through all of it and understand as much as we can,” Richards said.

Senate budget chairman Charlie Borders is frustrated with the pace of the talks.

“Seems like it’s this process we have to go through and posture for a couple of days before we can get serious,” said Borders.

The conferees hope to reach agreement on an almost $19 billion spending plan by Saturday night. That would allow House and Senate floor votes on the budget early next week, before the session takes a two week veto recess.

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