Residents of Louisville’s Newburg and Buechel neighborhoods are protesting a planned sewage overflow basin in their area. They held a protest at City Hall today.

The Metropolitan Sewer District began constructing the basin on a 40 acre site near Poplar Level Road, Jennings Lane and Produce Road six months ago. It’s designed to hold 100 million gallons of water, but will only be put to use when rain causes the city’s sanitary sewer system to overflow. Without a catch basin, the water flows untreated into area streams and the Ohio River.

Residents are worried about odors and they want MSD to redesign the basin with a lid.

But MSD officials say it’s not economical to cover it. Further, they say most of what ends up in the basin will be rainwater, but everything will be filtered, and MSD hasn’t had any odor complaints with similar basins.

MSD has a meeting scheduled with an attorney representing the residents tomorrow. By the terms of MSD’s federal consent decree, some of the basin will have to be finished by Fall 2013. The whole project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.