The campaign for control of the state House has taken a nasty turn, with radio and TV ads being pulled because of inaccuracies.

Republicans have successfully knocked radio ads attacking their candidates off the air in the Bardstown and Mayfield areas. And they are working on getting TV ads in Lexington pulled down as well.

The areas where the ads were pulled are considered hot spots for state legislative races, where either the GOP or Democrats are hoping to win seats. 

Ads by all three active Democratic groups, the Kentucky Democratic Party, House Democratic Caucus and the outside group Kentucky Family Values have been contested or pulled down.

Kentucky Family Values was responsible for the Mayfield area ad, while the KDP is running the ad in Bardstown. The House Democratic Caucus is responsible for the TV ad in Lexington Republicans are confident they will get pulled down.

GOP spokesman Joe Burgan said the fact the ads got taken off the air shows Democrats are desperate.  

“The things say in their ads, they are not factual, they are fabrications and they have been caught, they have been caught in a lie and these radio stations have pulled their ads down because they will not run lies,” Burgan said.

But the state Democratic Party said their ad is back on the air and their claims about avoiding taxes aren’t lies against GOP state Rep. David Floyd.

“A hundred lawyers writing a hundred threats to radio stations doesn’t change the fact that David Floyd owes over $4,000 in local taxes and he has a business registered at a ski lodge registered in Wyoming,” KDP spokesman Matt Erwin says. 

Republicans are hoping for a net gain of 10 seats to gain control of the state House on Election Day.