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Last week, the University of Louisville announced it would appeal sanctions handed down by the NCAA following its investigation of a prostitution scandal involving the men’s basketball program.

In addition to the school’s self-imposed punishments, the NCAA suspended head coach Rick Pitino for five games, saying he failed to adequately monitor Andre McGee. He’s the basketball staffer who the NCAA says paid strippers and escorts to entertain players and recruits over a four-year period.


Sports writer Eric Crawford

The NCAA also ruled that the program must vacate the records of games in which ineligible players were used. If the punishment stands, that would mean the Cards would have to take down their 2013 national championship banner.

I spoke with sports writer Eric Crawford, who’s been covering the story for WDRB about the appeals process and the chances of having some of the punishments lifted. Listen to our conversation in the player above.

Read the NCAA’s decision here:

NCAA U of L Public Infractions Decision

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