Metro Louisville

Ray “Sir Friendly C” Barker has requested a recount of ballots following a close second place finish to incumbent Donna Purvis in the Democratic primary for the Louisville Metro Council District 5 seat.

Barker lost Purvis by 35 votes, and that count was affirmed Thursday after a recanvass.

However, in his lawsuit filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court, Barker alleges that “irregularities or outright fraud” occurred in voting precinct N-107, Whitney M. Young Elementary School. 

The suit asserts that Barker was informed by an unnamed person working for the Jefferson County Court Clerk’s office that he had won the race by 12 votes.

However, the suit alleges Barker was then informed that the “data/memory stick” from the Whitney M. Young had not been turned in. The votes on that device gave Purvis enough votes to beat Barker, according to the lawsuit. 

In the suit, Barker alleges that Purvis’ additional votes were found the morning following the election. Barker is requesting that a judge take possession of all voting machines, ballots and ballot boxes and other documents related to the election in District 5.

If his request is granted, Barker would have to pay for the work associated with a recount himself, as stipulated by state law.

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, Purvis and the race’s third candidate, Sherlena Watkins, are all listed as co-respondents in the suit.

Purvis’ office could not be reached for comment. Erran Huber, a spokesperson with the Clerk’s office, said that the office could not comment on pending litigation.

Breya Jones is the Breaking News Reporter for WFPL.