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Some familiar campaign themes re-emerged Monday at a mayoral debate sponsored by Greater Louisville Inc.

The debate focused on business issues, but the candidates discussed other topics as well, and frequently criticized each other’s positions. Democrat Greg Fischer said he represents a newer way of leading the city than Republican Hal Heiner

“My opponent’s been an insider on the Metro Council now for nearly eight years, and he’s been the voice of ‘No’ time and time again,” he said. “Hal has said ‘No’ to the STAR clean air program that now many people see as a model throughout the country. He said ‘No’ to Fairness, our anti-discrimination ordinance.”

Heiner said Fischer doesn’t offer many new ideas, and defended his council experience.

“I’ve said no to new taxes on the people in Louisville. We’re already the 5th highest taxed city in the country. If we increase taxes any more how will we ever grow jobs in this community?” he said. He later added, “Does having been through eight budgets and seeing the city up-close, from the police department to the parks department to the fire department to the ambulance department and seeing what needs improvement now, does that matter in the next mayor?”

Independent Jackie Green stood in between the candidates on stage, and said neither of his opponents has an environmentally sustainable economic platform.

“The new economy does not ignore energy,” he said. “Energy will rule economies in the future and both of you will need to start addressing our energy weaknesses.”