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Rick Pitino calls Boise State ‘the toughest first-round match-up’ he’s had since he’s been a coach. The Louisville men’s basketball coach says his team is working to prepare for their Friday game against the Broncos. According to Pitino, Boise State has one of the highest shooting percentages in the country.

“This is a very difficult team to prepare for, and to make matters worse, they don’t turn it over much, they have great experience because they have four seniors, they’re very deep. But look, you’re going to play a terrific team in the NCAA unless you’re a one-seed, but when you get to three, you’re going to play a good opponent, every opponent all three seeds are playing are very good. This happens to be an outstanding one,” said Pitino.

Tipoff for the Cards first-round match-up is set for Friday night at 9:40 in Birmingham.