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Questions we've answered

Curious Forecastle: Where Are The Festival’s Local Artists?

A Curious Louisville listener wrote in with this question: “At one time there was a stage for local artist performances only. When did that stop and why?”

Curious Forecastle: What’s The Deal With The Festival’s Conservation Efforts?

Russ from Louisville wanted to know, “How has the Forecastle Foundation made a difference on our local ecology?”

Curious Louisville: Where Is Pokey LaFarge’s ‘Carpet Alley?’

“In it he names a lot of Louisville landmarks of which I know all, except for one that he mentioned which was ‘Carpet Alley, where Clifford Hayes and his jug band plays.'”

Curious Forecastle: What Have You Always Wondered About The Festival?

Is there a doctor on-call in case one of the artists gets sick? How long does it take to decorate Party Cove? How many corn dogs do they sell? You ask, we answer!

A Curious Louisville News Special: Your Questions About The JCPS Audit

You sent us more than 50 question in 24 hours, and we realized we’d need to dedicate some extra airtime to answer them all.

Curious Louisville: Your Questions About The JCPS Audit, Answered

This Friday at 1 p.m. on WFPL, we’ll have some answers to what you asked about the JCPS audit.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: Ryan Fenwick Answers Your Questions

Ryan Fenwick is an attorney in Louisville, who grew up in Western Kentucky. He’s a Democrat running for mayor.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: Greg Fischer Answers Your Questions

Greg Fischer, a Democrat, is running for a third term as Louisville’s mayor.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: We Asked The Mayoral Candidates Your Questions

From your responses, we chose a list of 15 questions that covered a variety of topics — ranging from the future of mass transit in Louisville to gun violence — and posed them to the candidates.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: Bob DeVore Answers Your Questions

Bob DeVore is a former UPS employee, Navy veteran and McCreary County school board member. He’s a Republican running for Louisville Mayor.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: Angela Leet Answers Your Questions

Angela Leet is a Republican running for mayor. She’s a current Metro Councilwoman, representing the seventh district, and an environmental engineer.

Curious Louisville Voter Guide: Dave Biggers Answers Your Questions

Dave Biggers is running for the Democratic nomination. He’s a lifelong Louisville resident, and says he’s “not a career politician.”

Curious Louisville: Could A State Takeover Of JCPS Affect Teacher Contracts?

It shouldn’t… but it still might.

Curious Louisville: Has The State Taken Over Other School Districts In Kentucky?

When Kentucky’s interim education commissioner released an audit recommending the state take over JCPS, that got some of our listeners wondering: has this happened before?

Curious Louisville: ¿Qué Le Preguntaría Usted A Los Candidatos A La Alcaldía?

Al Día en América en colaboración con Curious Louisville quiere saber: Si usted fuera el moderador de un debate con todos los candidatos, ¿qué les preguntaría?