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Questions we've answered

Curious Louisville: What’s Up With That Stone Circle In Champions Park?

This dog run quirk was once part of a major feat of engineering.

Best Of 2018: Curious Louisville

This year, Louisvillians had a lot of questions about our city. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Curious Louisville: What’s On Shippingport Island?

Curious Louisville listeners wanted to know what’s on Shippingport Island, which you can see from I-64 and Portland. The answer — not too much.

Here’s The Winner Of The Latest Curious Louisville Voting Round

Early last month, Curious Louisville asked listeners to vote on which question we should answer next. We now have a winner.

Curious Louisville: What Question Should We Tackle Next?

We’ve been collecting questions over the past year and now we want to know which one you’d like us to answer next.

Curious Louisville: What’s In The Tiny House On The 14th Street Bridge?

A listener asked Curious Louisville “What’s it like in the tiny house on top of the 14th Street Drawbridge?” Turns out a lot of people ask the president of the railroad this, too.

Curious Louisville: What Happens To Your Recycling?

Over the last couple years, you’ve asked us nearly a dozen questions about recycling. And finally, we have some answers.

Curious Louisville: Why Are Our Traffic Lights So Prone To Storm Outages?

You barely notice them until they’re not working. That’s a nuisance in general, but especially annoying — and potentially dangerous — in bad weather.

Curious Louisville: How Do You Become A Kentucky Colonel?

About 100,000 people have been given the title “Kentucky Colonel.” But how did they get it? We sent our resident Kentucky Colonel, Rick Howlett, to find the answer.

Curious Forecastle: The Wild, Crazy World Of Festival Parking Alternatives

This year, the Forecastle Festival organizers say they are expecting record-breaking attendance. And where you can really tell is when you’re trying to find a parking spot.

Curious Forecastle: Where Are The Festival’s Local Artists?

A Curious Louisville listener wrote in with this question: “At one time there was a stage for local artist performances only. When did that stop and why?”

Curious Forecastle: What’s The Deal With The Festival’s Conservation Efforts?

Russ from Louisville wanted to know, “How has the Forecastle Foundation made a difference on our local ecology?”

Curious Louisville: Where Is Pokey LaFarge’s ‘Carpet Alley?’

“In it he names a lot of Louisville landmarks of which I know all, except for one that he mentioned which was ‘Carpet Alley, where Clifford Hayes and his jug band plays.'”

Curious Forecastle: What Have You Always Wondered About The Festival?

Is there a doctor on-call in case one of the artists gets sick? How long does it take to decorate Party Cove? How many corn dogs do they sell? You ask, we answer!

A Curious Louisville News Special: Your Questions About The JCPS Audit

You sent us more than 50 question in 24 hours, and we realized we’d need to dedicate some extra airtime to answer them all.