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Questions we've answered

Curious Louisville: Embedded For A Week At The Kentucky State Fair

Curious Louisville is living at the Kentucky State Fair for a week! Ask us your questions!

Curious Louisville: Why Is Kentucky A Commonwealth?

Why is Kentucky a Commonwealth, but Indiana is a state? What’s the difference? It’s all about history.

Curious Louisville: Here Comes The Sun — And It Stays FOREVER

In this edition of Curious Louisville, Kathy Werthen asked: Why does it stay light later in the evening in Louisville than it does in Boston or Florida?

Curious Louisville: Vote On Which Question We Answer Next!

The questions are in — now, it’s time for you to vote!

Curious Louisville: Great Minds Think Alike

Sometimes a question is so great that we’ve already thought of it ourselves, and answered it!

Curious Louisville: The Perfect Kentucky Derby Playlist!

We turned the tables in our Curious Louisville series and asked you a question: What songs belong on the ultimate Kentucky Derby playlist?

Curious Louisville: Why Are Derby Hats A Thing?

Listener Jenny Pfanenstiel submitted her question, “Why are hats so popular to wear to the Kentucky Derby?” to Curious Louisville, and we found the answer.

What Songs Belong On The Perfect Derby Playlist?

We’re crowdsourcing the perfect Kentucky Derby playlist, and we need your help!

Curious Louisville: Why Do We Have Sister Cities?

Our story starts with a conference at the White House after World War II, in an atmosphere of uncertainty, and ends in a dainty coffee cup in Portland.

Curious Louisville: Why Did The Sky Look So Bright Last Night?

The threat of severe weather last night had lots of us keeping an eye on the sky — including WFPL listener Eric Cooke, in Underwood, Indiana. What he saw prompted him to call us.

Curious Louisville: Where Does The City Invest Your Money?

We interviewed residents, academics and city officials to try and get an idea of what areas of the city see the most city investment.

Curious Louisville: Why Did Our Streetcars Go Away? And Can We Bring Them Back?

Several listeners asked, as part of our Curious Louisville series, what happened to streetcars in the past, and could they have a future here?

Curious Louisville: What’s The Ratio Of U of L To UK Fans In Louisville?

Some call it the greatest rivalry in college basketball, and both programs have a lot to boast about.

Are U of L Fans Outnumbered In Louisville? Vote Now!

The game is Wednesday. So on Tuesday, we’ll tackle this question on air. Here’s a little preview.

Curious Louisville: What’s With All The New Hotels Downtown?

For our latest installment of Curious Louisville, we got a question about downtown development.