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Questions we've answered

Curious Louisville: What’s That Door In A Hill On Lexington Road?

Home to a hobbit?

Curious Louisville: Do White Outer Lines Make Roads Safer?

Why do some roads have them and some don’t? Who decides?

Curious Louisville: Why Is A Stretch Of Louisville Highway Measured In Kilometers?

Part of the Gene Snyder seems downright European.

Curious Louisville: Why Does The U of L Cardinal Mascot Have Teeth?

Real cardinals don’t… but Louie does.

Curious Derby: Getting Caught Up On Derby History

The call to the post at Churchill Downs is an iconic sound, but how did it become part of the track’s culture? And why so many hats at Derby?

Curious Derby: Getting Ready For The Races

A look at how people get ready for one of the biggest weekends on the Kentucky calendar.

Curious Derby: Getting To The Kentucky Derby

How do people actually get to Louisville for the Derby? Curious Louisville set out to figure out how many planes fly into town for the event.

Curious Louisville: Why Is There An Omar Khayyam Blvd In Valley Station?

He was an 11th-century Persian poet. Why here?

Curious Louisville: Who Were The Caldwell Sisters?

They never lived here, so why do they have a monument in Cave Hill Cemetery?

Curious Louisville: Who Cleans Up Graffiti On The Backs Of Freeway Signs?

Is it art? Is it vandalism? Either way, it’s part of your commute.

Curious Louisville: Why Are There So Many Fish Fries In Louisville?

Because the food is delicious! (But there’s more to the story.)

Curious Louisville: What Was Old Louisville Called Before It Was ‘Old?’

In a city of neighborhoods, this one was once nameless.

Curious Louisville: What Happened To Muhammad Ali’s Olympic Medal?

Did The Champ really toss his medal into the river?

Curious Louisville: Whatever Happened To The Falls Fountain?

It’s been gone since 1998, but not entirely forgotten. Especially not by at least one Curious Louisville listener.

Curious Louisville: Why Is The Clark Memorial Bridge Being Painted Yellow?

Allan Steinberg wanted to know… so we found out.