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Questions we've answered

Curious Derby: What’s The Origin Of The Call To The Post?

It’s 34 notes in the key of C — no sharps, no flats. And it means the next race is about 10 minutes away. You know it as the Call to the Post.

Curious Derby: What Happens To Retired Race Horses?

Racing careers last several years for most horses, but thoroughbreds can live to be over 25 years old. So what do they do when their racing days are over?

Curious Derby: How Do Jockeys Stay In Racing Shape?

What type of physical conditioning does it take to guide and stay balanced on top of a 1,000-pound racehorse? We looked into it.

Curious Derby: Can Animal Lovers Make Peace With Horse Racing?

Every horse racing fan remembers Eight Belles, the filly who died after placing in the 2008 Kentucky Derby. Our listeners wondered: How often does that happen?

Curious Derby: What Happened To Black Jockeys?

Fifteen of the first 28 Kentucky Derby winners were ridden by black jockeys. Why are black jockeys so rare in racing today?

Curious Derby: What’s Up With Men’s Derby Fashion?

“Why do men at the Derby dress the way they do? Where does the fashion come from?”

Curious Derby: How Many Planes Fly In During Derby Weekend?

Fred Benz and his wife typically leave Derby weekend to avoid the rush of tourists. When they do, Benz notices how packed the tarmac at Louisville International Airport becomes.

Curious Louisville: Was Colonial Gardens The City’s First Zoo?

Listener Tony Wilson has heard Colonial Gardens was the site of our city’s first bowling alley and zoo. WFPL’s Rick Howlett finds out.

Ask Curious Louisville Your Questions About The Kentucky Derby

What have you always wondered about the Kentucky Derby and its related events? WFPL can help you find the answer!

Curious Louisville: What Happened To The Belvedere’s ‘Pan’ Statue?

Listener Donna Finnell wanted to know what happened to the whimsical bronze figure she used to see on her lunch break. The answer got pretty complicated.

Curious Louisville: Which Question Should We Answer Next?

We’ve narrowed it down to these five questions. Now it’s your turn to choose!

Curious Louisville: Why Do We Say ‘Loo-uh-vull’?

Why not ‘Loo-eee-ville’? After all, France never had a King Loo-uh.

Curious Louisville: You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Reporters

Ever thought of moonlighting as a newsroom assignment editor? Now’s your chance. Tell us what to do!

Curious Louisville: What Happens To Zoo Animals When They Die?

We know that all dogs go to heaven, but what happens to the Louisville Zoo animals when they die?

Curious Louisville: When’s The Last Time The Ohio River Froze Over?

If you’re a Louisvillian of a certain age, you might remember.