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Questions we've answered

Curious Louisville: How Did We End Up Here?

Why is the city of Louisville located where it is? The answer lies mostly in the river — and the Falls of the Ohio.

Curious Louisville: How Do You Pronounce ‘Nachand’?

The name is found on streets and buildings in both Louisville and Southern Indiana, and the origin differs based on what side of the river you are on.

Curious Louisville: The Case Of The Quincy Street Floodwall

Louisville’s floodwall is hard to miss in Butchertown, where the giant concrete wall goes straight down the middle of Quincy Street. Why was it built there?

Curious Louisville: How Did Hillcrest Avenue Become Halloween Headquarters?

What began as a competition between two neighbors now draws tens of thousands of visitors every October.

Curious Louisville: What Are Clifton’s ‘Chicken Steps?’

Old Louisville has its Victorian homes, Portland has its shotgun houses and Butchertown its cobblestoned alleyways. And Clifton has The Chicken Steps.

Curious Louisville: What’s With All These Geese?

Take a gander at Louisville’s expansive green spaces for the answer.

Curious Louisville: Was The High-Five Really Invented In Louisville?

The answer involves basketball, baseball, the Castro District, and an elaborate hoax.

Curious Louisville: How Did Poplar Level Road Get Its Name?

The answer’s pretty straightforward, but like all good answers, it raises even more interesting questions.

Fairly Curious: A State Fair With Local Flair?

A new mini-festival Thursday night was an attempt to bring some Louisville flair to the Kentucky State Fair.

Fairly Curious: The @kystatefair Twitter Takeover!

We’re taking over the Kentucky State Fair’s Twitter account, to answer your questions!

Fairly Curious: Does Anyone Exercise At The State Fair?

Sure, there’s a lot of walking to be done at the fair but does anyone actually formally exercise there? You might be surprised by the answer.

Fairly Curious: What Happens When There’s Severe Weather At The Fair?

Don’t worry, they have a plan. And an assist from the National Weather Service.

Fairly Curious: Why Don’t The Flying Wallendas Use A Safety Net?

If you’ve seen the Flying Wallendas at the Kentucky State Fair, you may have noticed one heart-stopping thing missing from their setup: a safety net.

Fairly Curious: Who Watched The Eclipse At The Kentucky State Fair?

What was it like to watch the eclipse at the state fair? There were crowds of people, and an extra-large pair of eclipse glasses for Freddy Farm Bureau.

Curious Louisville: What’s It Like To Live At The Kentucky State Fair?

How did we end up with a producer embedded at the Kentucky State Fair? What will she learn?