This week, Catholic Charities of Louisville will raise a glass — and awareness — for refugees. 

“Raise A Glass For Refugees” is part of the organization’s Stand With Refugees campaign. It started in the spring in response to President Trump’s travel bans, a move to reduce the number of refugees who can enter the country and also ban visitors from several majority-Muslim countries.

Chirs Martini, communications and events coordinator at Catholic Charities of Louisville, said the money raised will help Louisville refugees settle into their new homes.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities’ Stand Up for Refugees

“Any kind of service that those clients need, that money will go to help provide those services within the first three months to help get them acclimated, help get them the paperwork needed,” Martini said.

He said fundraising for the city’s newcomers helps with the integration process, even though refugee resettlement is a federally funded program.

“There’s a grant but it doesn’t always cover everything,” said Martini. “There are pieces that aren’t fully covered so this will help offset the costs that aren’t covered by the grant.”

Martini said ‘Raise A Glass’ was not planned in anticipation of Trump’s September 30 deadline on determining the number of refugees that will be admitted into the country for the next fiscal year.

“It wasn’t planned with that in mind — it was planned on a date we had available,” he said. “But they obviously relate.”

The number of refugees the President is expected to admit for the next fiscal year is uncertain.   

Raise A Glass For Refugees” will take place on Thursday, September 21 at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar from 6-9 p.m.