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A massive counting effort gets underway this year, and Louisville officials are encouraging citizens to take part. The 2010 Census forms will be in the mail in mid-March, and those running the effort are already working to encourage people to be counted.

The population numbers that come from the census will be used for the next ten years in allocating federal funds for roads, schools, and more.

Ben Johnson is the Kentucky Team Leader for the Census Bureau. He says in 2000, about 67-percent of the population returned their forms.

“We will go knock on every, single door that did not return their census form. There is no avoiding that,” says Johnson. “The easiest, most effective, and least costly way to conduct the census is when you get your form, take those few minutes, fill it out, send it back. If not, I guarantee you, someone will come knock on your door.”

Johnson says they’re working with area businesses, community groups and faith organizations to find ways to reach more people.

Metro Government officials today unveiled new TV and print ads that were donated to the city to encourage participation.