by Gabe Bullard

Half of the seats on the Louisville Metro Council are up for election this year, and some incumbent council members are facing contested primaries.

In the 5th District, Democrat Cheri Bryant Hamilton is being challenged by attorney Mark Mitchell.

Hamilton has served on both the Metro Council and the old Board of Alderman. She says voters know her, and she expects to benefit from high voter turnout for the mayor’s race.

“We’re hoping that will inspire some enthusiasm,” she says. “We’ve got a lot of judges on the ballot. But the mayor’s race, I think, would be top of the ticket, so I’m hoping a lot of people will come out.”

Mitchell says he decided to run to bring change to the Metro Council. He’s campaigned mainly on a platform of ensuring that city services are delivered in the west-end district.

“We’re going to see which one the voters choose—change or stability,” he says. “So I left my campaign at the doors. That’s going to speak for itself. Did I get to enough doors and did I convince enough people that there’s need for change?”

One independent candidate, Donnie Morris Senior is also running for the 5th District seat.