On Monday night, the Jefferson County Board of Education unanimously decided to keep the school district’s real estate tax levy the same as the previous year—71 cents per $100 of a resident’s assessed property value. The 71-cent rate established in 2013 will continue through the 2014-15 fiscal year.

As WFPL’s Jacob Ryan recently reported, the average real estate tax levy by Kentucky school districts is 57 cents per $100 of resident’s assessed property value.  But in the 2013-14 fiscal year, Kentucky school districts’ real estate taxes varied widely.

The lowest was in Lee County, about 77 miles driving southeast from Lexington. There, the real estate tax rate was 29.5 cents per $100 of a resident’s assessed property value, according to data provided by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Here are 50 highest real estate tax rates:

 Update: A commenter points out that Jefferson County Public Schools also levies an occupational tax, according to the KDE data. The other school district on this list with an occupational tax is Fayette County. On Twitter, it’s been pointed out that some districts, but not JCPS, collect a utility tax, too.