Update March 4: Jefferson County Public Schools have now closed 11 times this school year. 

Jefferson County Public Schools (and many other Louisville area school districts) called off classes Tuesday even before snow really started falling.

It was a prescient decision—roads throughout the region became slick during the morning commute.

Tuesday marks the fifth day JCPS has closed because of weather during the 2013-14 school year. It’s the third most during a single school year since 1980-1981, according to data provided by JCPS.

The most missed school days  in those 34 school years came in 2008-09—10 days out, which include the wind storm in fall 2008 and the ice storm of January 2009. In 1993-94, JCPS closed schools for six days, mostly because of this massive snow storm. In 10 school years starting in 1980-81, JCPS didn’t cancel any classes.

Last week, JCPS administrators explained how they make their winter weather decisions.

Now, let’s look at how many times they’ve closed school since 1980-81:

June 6 will be the last day of classes for JCPS students this school year—provided JCPS doesn’t close again in the future.