Chelsea Clinton saw two Presidential campaigns up close from her father, Bill. Now, she’s watching – and participating in – another one from her mother, Hillary.

I spoke with Chelsea Clinton, who’s been in Kentucky campaigning recently, about Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and – of course – her Derby pick.

She begins with Sanders.

Listen to the interview in the audio player above.

On Sen. Bernie Sanders staying in the race through the convention:

“We always expected that my mom would have to work hard, as any candidate should have to work hard for any vote. If we look at history, Americans like contested primaries after a two-term president. And I think that’s really healthy that we’ve had robust competition on the Democratic side.”

On what a Clinton-Trump presidential race would look like:

“I think she (Hillary) will offer a clear distinction to the campaign, at least it looks like, that Mr. Trump will run if, kind of, everything he’s been saying over the last few days is any indication. That he’s still talking about building a wall around our country and closing down our borders to Muslim-Americans, criminalizing and making abortion illegal — I mean, really moving away from, from the values that I think are so important.”

Bill Burton is the Morning Edition host for WFPL News.