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No emergency orders are expected for Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood after a butadiene leak Monday morning at the American Synthetic plant, said a spokeswoman for Louisville’s Emergency Management Agency.

The leak was reported at 10:50 a.m.; it was stopped a half-hour later, said Jody Duncan, spokeswoman for Louisville EMA/MetroSafe. Lake Dreamland Fire was the lead agency.

No injuries were reported.

A Code Red alert was sent to residents following the leak, but emergency management officials don’t expect an evacuation or shelter-in-place order to be issued now that the leak is stopped.

Butadiene is  highly flammable . In 2012, the chemical leaked from train cars following a derailment in southwestern Jefferson County. 

After the accident, WFPL’s Erica Peterson compiled this guide to butadiene.

Details of the butadiene leak, including the amount spilled, were not immediately available, Duncan said. 

American Synthetic staff could not immediately be reached for comment.

We’ll update with more information once it becomes available.