Here and Now

Associates close to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie say he is not going to run for president. Christie is expected to formally announce that decision at a news conference this afternoon. We’ll hear more from Jay Newton-Small from Time Magazine.

We’ll also get an update from NYC’s Occupy Wall Street protests with Time Magazine reporter Nate Rawlings.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation just released a report exploring the effectiveness of youth incarceration around the country. The report shows a new trend. Some states reducing incarceration rates have not seen an increase in youth crime. WFPL’s Devin Katayama spoke with Tara Greishop-Goodwin, deputy director with Kentucky Youth Advocates, who she says Kentucky is just beginning to explore some ideas and programs that many states already have in place. We’ll hear more.

And Louisville arts scene veteran Thomson Smillie has written a book that takes on the daunting task of making opera more accessible to the uninitiated. He joins us to talk about it today.

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.